The Practice of Design Practice

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The Practice of Design Practice is a collection of mini-stories about how designers could engage in self-improvement as lifelong learners, packed with anecdotes and a bit of science.

Thomas (Design Buddy) has boiled down his more than a decade of experience, ranging from leading learning and development for the Bukalapak design team to teaching various boot camp programs. More than that, it's a culmination of his simple observations throughout the ups and downs of his career as a product designer, where he felt stuck and unstuck, through trials and errors, finding new methods to keep up as a designer while raising his two beautiful children.

He believes that every journey to improve as a designer is unique. Each of us has different ways to practice our craft. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another, and what's important is for each individual to find what works for them, even though it may sometimes be scrappy, unstructured, and confusing.

  1. Part.1: I was wrong…
    1. Repetition isn’t necessarily the mother of improvement
    2. Knowing ≠ doing
    3. Try harder is not the solution
    4. Plateau is not a stall
  2. Part.2: The practice of design practice
    1. What drives you
    2. Stay curious
    3. The independent quest of learning
    4. Building mental capacity
    5. Active recalling practice
    6. Self-awareness
    7. Failures as fuels
    8. Focus on one thing at a time
    9. Mindful practices
    10. Make it your own
    11. Making the learning sticks better
    12. Have your own way
    13. Mix up the practice
    14. Make your practice a little bit harder
    15. Express the knowledge in your own words
    16. Seek multiple sources
    17. Don’t stay in your bubble
    18. Learning at work
    19. Blindspots
    20. Seek advice
  3. Part.3: Going beyond
    1. Slow learning
    2. At your own pace
    3. Unlearning
    4. Help others
    5. Rest

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The Practice of Design Practice

17 ratings
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